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Stoke Ground Bath stone is the perfect choice where a consistent, hard wearing and frost resistant Bath stone is required. The long-term durability of our Stoke Ground Bath stone base bed is exceptional, based on over 40 years of user experience since we began mining it in 1982 making it the ideal Bath stone in freeze thaw environments.

When you work with the Bath Stone Company you can be safe in the knowledge that you are buying beautiful natural stone, with known provenance and one which you will enjoy its natural beauty for years to come.

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Stoke Ground Bath stone

One of the UK’s major suppliers of indigenous British limestone

The beauty and consistency of the Bath Stone from our mine is exceptional, which is why it is specified for projects that need outstanding quality and reliability. It is the choice for high profile new build and restoration projects across the UK. It is also the choice of individuals painstakingly restoring period homes.

The aesthetics of our Bath Stone is the best reason to choose us. It is a uniform size, is remarkably defect free and has a beautifully consistent colour. These qualities give you a very cost effective stone that allows you to maximise yield and minimise wastage. All our stone is independently tested to the latest European and British Standards by BRE Global, an independent, international certification body. It means you can be confident it will meet your performance requirements.

Stoke Ground Bath stone is sometimes available up to 1.3m and consistently available up to 1.0m. We recognise that you have deadlines to meet and have to be able to rely on your supply of Bath Stone. We invest in our mining operations and plan meticulously to ensure we deliver what you need when you need it.

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Bath Stone Stoke Hill Mine

Beautiful Bath Stone for Beautiful Buildings

From the days when the Romans used Bath stone in the iconic baths to its modern-day use, Bath stone stands out as unique. This unique look makes it impressive as a building material in terms of aesthetics and structure. Whilst we are most familiar with the honey colour, it comes in shades including greys and even blue. There are multiple different types, and some, like the Stoke Ground Bath stone, are higher-quality and more appealing.

Stoke Ground Bath stone enables architects to use much deeper blocks of stone. This depth adds an exclusive allure that looks grand and exquisite. It’s the understated luxury that many seek in building design. Top Bed Stoke Ground Bath Stone is the ideal Bath stone for carving, ashlar walling and fireplaces.

One of the most distinctive features of our Top Bed is its bed height that can occasionally reach 1600mm. This height makes it particularly attractive to masons and sculptors because it opens up a wealth of creative possibilities.

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Stoke Hill Mine, Bath, Somerset

Open cast quarrying at Stoke Hill Mine dates back to the mid-fifteenth century. It is clear it quickly gathered a prestigious name because it was specified for part of the construction of Longleat House in 1568.

Stoke Hill Mine

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