Our Bath Stone Products

Stone is extracted from two beds; the ‘Top bed’ which is around 1.6m thick and that which was that traditionally extracted at the site. The more durable ‘Base bed’ is thinner, at around 1m and separated from the top bed by a thin clay band.

Consistency of stone

The aesthetics of our Bath Stone is the best reason to choose us. It is a uniform size, is remarkably defect free and has a beautifully consistent colour. These qualities give you a very cost effective stone that allows you to maximise yield and minimise wastage.

Consistency of supply

The consistency of our stone is just the start. We recognise that you have deadlines to meet and have to be able to rely on your supply of Bath Stone. We invest in our mining operations and plan meticulously to ensure we deliver what you need when you need it. We are the only Bath Stone supplier able to call on 5 Fantini saws and all the necessary associated mining equipment to ensure that however great your requirements, we won’t let you down.

Consistency of support

We will always offer our expertise to support you in achieving the outstanding results your project demands. From practical, technical and design advice to recommendations of contractors that understand how to cut, work and construct using the qualities of Bath Stone, we are here to help.

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