Stoke Ground Top Bed Bath Stone

Stoke Ground
Top Bed

Finely grained exceptionally consistent

Bath Stone

The quintessential Bath Stone

Top Bed Stoke Ground Bath Stone is the ideal Bath Stone for carving, ashlar walling and fireplaces.

It is a finely grained, exceptionally consistent limestone with a pale cream or buff colour that mellows to the quintessential honey colour that is the hallmark of quality Bath Stone.

One of the most distinctive features of our Top Bed is its bed height that can occasionally reach 1600mm. This height makes it particularly attractive to masons and sculptors because it opens up a wealth of creative possibilities.

Top Bed Stoke Ground Bath Stone has an extraordinary legacy and there is evidence of quarrying at Stoke Hill Mine dating back to the mid-fifteenth century.


Stone Top Bed

Block dimensions

Bed height: 800mm – 1200mm

Block length: 3500mm

Block width: 800mm – 1000mm

Test data

Our Top Bed Stoke Ground Bath Stone is independently tested to the latest European and British Standards by BRE Global, an independent, international certification body. It means you can be confident it will meet your performance requirements.

We supply the relevant certificates and declarations as standard with every order, so you have complete supply chain transparency and a clear provenance for your stone.

  • Density as defined by BS EN 1936:2006: 2010 Kgm³
  • Porosity % by volume as defined by BS EN 1936:2006: 25.8%
  • Compressive strength as defined by BS EN 772-1:2011: 16.5 MPa
  • Flexural strength as defined by BS EN 12372: 2006: 3.3 MPa
  • Water absorption % by mass as defined by BS EN 13755:2008: 11.1%
  • Thermal conductivity as defined by BS EN 12524:2000: 1.50 Kgm³
  • Saturation Coefficient: 0.83