Widcombe Baptist Church, Bath

Stoke Ground Base Bed Bath Stone was used in this exceptionally designed extension for Widcombe Baptist Church, Bath.

The design focused on improving the public appearance of the building, providing a new entrance, additional accommodation and improving the flexibility and usability of a number of key areas allowing for a variety of large and small gatherings.

Located in the centre of Widcombe, the sensitivity of the site meant that the architectural proposals needed to be of the highest quality. Mitchell Eley Gould worked closely with the church membership, community and trustees, over a period of 4 years and developed a strategy to allow for the increased congregation growth.

Stoke Ground Base Bed Bath Stone was used to help merge it into the design of this early 19th century building.

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Mitchell Eley Gould

Architects/Photo credit
Mitchell Eley Gould

Stone Used
Stoke Ground Base Bed

Stoke Ground Base Bed Bath Stone
Widcombe Baptist Church

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